Naked Finger Painting

Please excuse any type-os or poor grammar – I’m embarrassed to admit that I am watching Kid Nation as I write this! Shhh, don’t tell anyone.

Harper has been putting things in her mouth for months, but a few weeks ago she realized that she could free up her hands for crawling and playing if she carries things around in her mouth instead of her hands. It’s hysterical! She looks like a little pet carrying its toys around. Her favorite thing to carry is UVA Barbie‘s pom-poms, but for the past few days she has been carrying around anything from a DVD to a diaper. This morning I went into her room to get her up from her nap and she was standing in her crib with both of her socks in her mouth. The best part is that she knows she is hilarious – we both end up belly-aching laughing!

Today was uncharacteristically warm for October and I was too stubborn to turn on the A/C, so Harper and I had to play on the porch most of the day or risk suffocation indoors. We had an awesome day though. I honestly don’t understand how people can say that they get "bored" playing with their kids. Harper reminds me every day just how much fun life is! Everything is new to her and I love to watch her reactions when a leaf falls from a tree or when she hears a garbage truck. She doesn’t miss a thing.

I do get a little worried out on the porch because there are so many things for her to choke on, so when she woke up from her afternoon nap I decided to spice things up with a little bit of finger paint! It probably isn’t safe if ingested in large quantities, but at least she can’t choke on it. It turns out that Harper is quite the budding artist, and she had a blast smearing paint all over the place. She got so much on her body (mostly on her big belly), but she had even more fun "cleaning up" in a bucket of water. One of her favorite things to do is splash, so she was crawling around on the bricks smacking her hands in the puddles – I wanted to join in but I was too busy taking pictures!


Harper finger painting before she tasted the blue and ended up with smurf lips.


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